Training, conferences, business meetings

The most beautifully situated conference space in Bydgoszcz. Guests of training and conferences, as well as many business, tourist and social meetings can enjoy a beautiful view of the Brda River, Opera Nova and Wyspa Młyńska, with its full range of attractions. The murmur of the water is soothing and the unique surroundings offer an unforgettable experience!

Training Room rental

1 hourfrom 150 zł netto
all dayfrom 1200 zł netto

Additional room – fitness

1 hourfrom 60 zł netto
all dayfrom 400 zł netto

Conference room

Amazing first impression

Conference room / Amazing first impression
The conference room has many possibilities – among them it can be adapted for business meetings and private celebrations:

The room description:

  • a room of about 85 m2;
  • an air-conditioned room;
  • suitable for training sessions for about 60 people in a theatre setting;
  • easy access for the disabled;


  • projector and multimedia screen;
  • sound system (wireless microphones);
  • Wi-Fi;
  •  flipchart.

The extra room:

  • possibility to combine two rooms – total area  about 170m2;
  • mobile projector;
  • portable sound system.

Room for special events

A special event in such surroundings is a great idea. A wedding, banquet or anniversary in the heart of the City will be an unforgettable experience.

Room rental

1 hourfrom 200 zł netto

Extra room

1 hourfrom 50 zł netto

All-night event

1 roomfrom 1500 zł netto
2 roomsfrom 2000 zł netto

Coffee service

One-time coffee break

1 personfrom 18 zł brutto

All-day coffee service with refill

1 personfrom 25 zł brutto

Basic menu: coffee, tea, gas and n/gas water, shortbread cookies;

We will provide a detailed quotation for the conference lunch/lunch and extended coffee break once we have received your enquiry for the organisation of the training/conference.